UiPath is an RPA solution for extensive end-to-end automation that offers businesses tools to automate everyday office tasks for quicker business change.

For a number of business operations, organizations are implementing automation. Companies aiming to ride the wave of applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have benefited tremendously from robotic process automation (RPA). One of the most common RPA tools is called UiPath. IT teams can set up software robots using UiPath to automate repetitive operations. These robots gather and evaluate data from a variety of applications. 

Platforms at the forefront of business change, like ServiceNow, are quick to integrate essential automation solutions. One such creative collaboration is the ServiceNow and UiPath combination. Let’s discuss the features of the UiPath integration with ServiceNow.

Incorporating UiPath and ServiceNow

Organizations can use UiPath’s integration with ServiceNow to automate and improve their workflow and testing processes. This integration also enhances the ServiceNow automation features. Together, UiPath and ServiceNow give businesses the ability to act proactively and boost productivity.

Enterprises can deliver software and applications more effectively thanks to ServiceNow test management. It manages and simplifies testing procedures for the testing and management teams while reducing the number of problems. UiPath test management, on the other hand, enables ServiceNow clients to test and implement new workflows. In order to achieve a system’s requirements, ServiceNow and UiPath test managers develop, schedule, and analyze the outcomes.

What is UiPath and How does it work?

UiPath is a robotic process automation solution for extensive end-to-end automation. It offers firms tools to automate everyday office tasks for quicker business change. It employs a range of techniques to convert laborious jobs into automated processes.

Automating routine and rule-based procedures with RPA implementation utilizing UiPath can be helpful. Robotics integration into existing business processes does not require changing the legacy system. Interestingly, all of this is possible at very little expense.

It is possible to train UiPath robots to carry out specific commercial tasks. These bots can also view the interface in a manner similar to how it is viewed by humans. They can, therefore, in a nutshell, support your staff. Humans benefit greatly from the way bots and humans collaborate. You will also receive regular updates on the progress, which is an extra benefit.

Benefits of UiPath:

  • Saving time

UiPath simplifies and automates processes while enabling businesses to monitor, assess, and oversee the performance of the entire automation program. In order to lessen disorganization, UiPath is a platform that is both affordable and effective. In order to keep systems up to date, UiPath robots carry out a variety of operations, processes, and maintenance logs. UiPath saves a significant amount of time by using automation and bots to carry out procedures.

  • Enhances Worker Experience

Automation is essential for enhancing employee satisfaction and relieving workers of time-consuming duties. RPA is used by UiPath to automate laborious, time-consuming operations in an effort to enhance employee satisfaction. Employees can now concentrate on things that are more important and call for human interaction. UiPath assists customer service teams by cutting down call volume by up to 50%.

  • Guarantees Compliance

Compliance in the age of globalization is crucial for all businesses, and UiPath abides by all rules to guarantee compliance. In order to improve business operations, it manages and minimizes legal issues. To guarantee that all regulations are followed, UiPath’s interactive dashboard manages all the operations that include data transmission, invoice processing, purchasing order issuance, etc.

  • Increases customer satisfaction

Customer service centers can fully automate the customer service process with the help of UiPath. To give clients a better experience, it enhances self-service and chat options, speeds up responses, and improves response quality. Customers have the option to communicate with customer care teams through a variety of channels thanks to its support for omnichannel communication.

Key features of UiPath Task Manager for ServiceNow:

  • Automate ServiceNow test cases so that businesses may use UiPath Studio Pro to natively automate ServiceNow test cases.
  • Monitoring test results enables organizations to track the development of automated testing. As soon as available, the UiPath Orchestrator uploads the outcomes of automated test runs.
  • Provide thorough test findings, describing the execution of the robots.
  • To minimize maintenance, downtime, and risk when software robots malfunction, use UiPath continuous RPA testing.


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