ServiceNow Impact is a personalized solution that aims to help IT and business leaders see ROI faster and set them up for future success on their digital transformation journey.

Several businesses said last year that their Digital Transformation (DX) projects were not delivering value for money. ServiceNow Impact, the company’s new AI-based product, aims to increase the value of DX initiatives. ServiceNow Impact uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bridge the value gap and improve the quantification of DX activities. It calculates how much money a company can save by investing in technology. Learn how ServiceNow Impact meets the demands of digital transformation in the following sections. Also, find out what worldwide brands think about ServiceNow’s new product.

Why is ServiceNow Impact so important?

On the Now Platform, ServiceNow Impact is meant to personalize your DX journey. “Only what you can measure can be improved. To navigate the fully linked world, leaders require a command center. ServiceNow’s platform enables next-generation business models by providing a single pane of glass. This platform is a user-friendly, consumer-grade mobile app that shows the return of transformation investments in real-time. Nothing like it has ever been offered in enterprise software, as evidenced by its unique global demand ” says Bill McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow.

Companies invested nearly three trillion dollars in DX projects globally during the last three years, according to certain IDC estimates. Surprisingly, less than half of companies with DX programs met their objectives. Companies see a value gap as a result of ineffective project projects that don’t operate well together, insufficient spending on legacy solutions, and a scarcity of superior resources.

According to a 2018 Deloitte poll, businesses spend 57% of their IT spending on supporting company operations, but only 16% on boosting innovation.

According to PTC Inc. surveys, the main benefit of digital transformation is operational efficiency, which was cited by around 40% of executives. On the other hand, 36% of those who invested in digital transformation saw a speedier time to market. Surprisingly, 31.3 percent of businesses said that technological disruption had had a negative influence on employment creation.

ServiceNow Impact is a personalized, digital experience (recommendations and insights) that leverages premium technical support, preventative tools, training and certifications, prescriptive guidance, and expert coaching to target value gaps and close them.

Benefits of ServiceNow Impact

ServiceNow Impact is the first-of-its-kind value acceleration solution that is powered by both humans and artificial intelligence. It provides a high-quality, premium digital experience that is personalized to each function and travel. It combines the power of human and artificial intelligence to help you realize the full potential of your ServiceNow investments. It expands your knowledge, personalizes your value experience, and accelerates results.

Business leaders, system administrators, and platform owners will all benefit from this software.

  • Accelerate ROI (The Value Journey Manager for team empowerment) for business leaders
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Align your strategy with your execution.
  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Customize your worth

Owners of platforms: (Faster outcomes with proactive insights)

  • Developer and technical assistance
  • Governance and a strategy
  • Observer of instances
  • Experts and on-demand instruction
  • Individualized service

For system administrators (Faster, better results in a systematic, scalable way)

  • Administrative support
  • Code reviews and developer support
  • A useful resource of best practices
  • Individualized instruction and coaching

Summing up

ServiceNow Impact fills in the gaps in your digital experience and customizes it for each position and journey. It assists key stakeholders in digital transformation projects, such as business leaders, system administrators, and platform owners, in achieving better results through complete control and real-time scenarios.

With tailored ServiceNow implementation, migration, development, advising, consulting, support, maintenance, and testing services from skilled ServiceNow consultants, you can get the most out of ServiceNow Impact software.

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