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Our expertise

ServiceNow Professional Staffing

We excel in staff scaling for ServiceNow. We have a growing ServiceNow community which helps us to identify right experts for you.

99% of our team has more than two ServiceNow certifications. We offer continuous free ServiceNow education, certification and events and conduct Team Hackathons for ServiceNow App Development to attract the best talents when it comes to ServiceNow. We can help in onshore, nearshore, and offshore team scaling within a short span of time. Our teams are agile and can step in at any phase of Your ServiceNow project. With our “work from anywhere” culture, we’re proud to support a robust base of employees located  across India, USA, Europe, and Canada

ServiceNow Consulting

We speak your language

AvanteNow consulting services bring vast experience in guiding customers to realise maximum value of capabilities from Employee Workflow, Customer Workflow, IT Workflow and Now App.

We have a team of highly skilled and certified consultants who can support along your organization’s digital transformation journey.  

We specialize in creating unique solutions and services for your needs. Enabling your organization to maximize productivity, nurture business continuity and to create flexible & robust platform. We bring a smarter way to streamline any need you have.

Better way to workflow your business

ServiceNow Implementation

AvanteNow Implementation services expertise in building high class solutions using the best practices from ServiceNow.

Our expert team of Architects, Consultants and Developer specialize in developing or implementing your business needs into ServiceNow platform in Employee Workflow, Customer Workflow, IT Workflow and Creator Workflows. 

We always keep in mind and support our customer’s business strategy during project implementation to provide maximum value with high quality. We focus on building smart solution that is scalable, flexible, reusable. All in all, we’ll reduce costs, lower risk, improve business agility, and boost innovation with an industry-leading platform implementation.

Let us care for your Platform

ServiceNow Platform Management

ServiceNow has established itself as the most important innovator for SaaS platforms to a fixture on the market.

AvanteNow Platform Management service provides assurance to keep your platform stable and healthy. Our global team of experts with in-depth understanding and expertise across ServiceNow products (in Employee Workflow, Customer Workflow, IT Workflow and Creator Workflows) is always available to support and manage your platform. 

We can provide 24*7 support across globe to manage of your platform. Our combinable  team of certified onshore/nearshore/offshorexperts is an extra cost effective advantage for our customers.


At glance ServiceNow

Our expertise and services

IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Understanding ITSM’s role in Your digital transformation is key to Your success. With ServiceNow ITSM, You have an agile, scalable solution that grows with your business – no matter where You are on Your journey.
The researchers firm Markets and Markets estimates that the global cloud-based ITSM market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.2% through 2025.
As a leading cloud-based platform, ServiceNow is positioned to capitalize on these market trends. Forbes Magazine reported ServiceNow claims half of the ITSM market – eclipsing legacy ITSM companies.

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery (HRSD), is a best-practices approach for automating and standardizing HR processes within your organization.

Through HR Service Delivery, organizations are able to provide engaging, holistic HR services to employees. To power its HRSD solution, ServiceNow relies on a type of infrastructure known as high-productivity application platform as a service (hpaPaaS). In 2018, Gartner completed a Magic Quadrant analysis of hpaPaaS providers; ServiceNow emerged as one of only four industry Leaders.

The Gartner analysis of hpaPaaS identified the following as benefits of ServiceNow’s hpaPaaS solution: 

  • Consistently scores above average in integration and quality, reliability and availability, and monitoring and management capabilities
  • Provides full integration capabilities with other workflows and systems
  • Offers separate visual development environments for no-code and low-code developers

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a series of workflows, tools, and best practices for developing, optimizing, and delivering excellent customer experiences

With ServiceNow, you have a scalable solution focused on continuous improvement. And you’ll be prepared to grow with your business – no matter how high you soar.

Modern businesses know, that investing in a cloud based CSM platform, is one of the most important, strategic ways to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. According to Forrester, organizations are turning to ServiceNow CSM to deliver a seamless, integrated  customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

ServiceNow ITAM workflows create a central system of record for IT – reducing costs while simultaneously optimizing hardware, software can cloud costs.

ITAM helps organizations manage their hardware (HAM) and software (SAM) inventory more effectively and prevents unnecessary asset purchases. ServiceNow’s ITAM platform provides a single system of record upon which to identify opportunities to reduce costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance, mitigate security risks, and drive standardization. ITAM also is nested with the greater ServiceNow ecosystem, allowing it to integrate optimally

IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management

In a digital-first world, ServiceNow ITOM bridges technology and the business.

ITOM uses ServiceNow Discovery® and the ServiceNow Change Management Data Base helps businesses build a solid data foundation to drive better business decisions. Maximize ROI and accelerate your digital transformation. The right employee and customer experiences are as important as the platform you choose for the experience. But every enterprise is unique. By delivering personalized data to key individuals within your organization, ServiceNow Impact takes your digital transformation to new heights.

Security and Integrated Risk Management

Security and Integrated Risk Management

Cybersecurity Strategy is Business Strategy

Organizational risks remains top of mind for executive leadership. An increased reliance on IT and cybersecurity teams makes it more important than ever for these teams to align with the C-suite. Our experts can help to clarify your needs and create a long-term plan. Most importantly we talk and understand same security language. Learn actionable steps to align cybersecurity and business strategies, be ready with answers to common questions and establish the credibility you need to gain support from stakeholders at the highest level of your organization

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management

Gaining competitive advantage in today’s market means ensuring strategy remains aligned to business outcomes.

The way organizations optimize how they plan, align, and deliver products matters more than ever.

SPM starts with the ability to identify the right strategic priorities, to create goals and objectives that align with those priorities and communicate that information to all areas of the business in a way that is easily absorbed and understood.

As per Gartner 2021 – By 2025, 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes in the absence of a strategic portfolio management approach.

ServiceNow handles the full Project Portfolio Lifecycle, from initial ideation to final delivery, which means we make better decisions and execute more efficiently.


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