ServiceNow Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) is a best-practices strategy for automating and standardizing HR activities in your business. 

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery enhances the employee experience by automating routine operations, giving tools to assist HR Professionals in delivering various HR services, and communicating with employees on a timely basis. HR Service Delivery, for example, helps HR teams focus on higher-value operations that significantly promote self-service enhancements to the user experience by automating many of the repetitive, manual processes that they conduct.

HRSD includes over a dozen applications that allow you to change the way you deliver HR services. You do not, however, have to apply everything right away.

Some of the most important HRSD applications are:

  • Case and Knowledge Management: 

To provide a better service experience, standardize the documentation and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests. HR cases can be created, viewed, and edited using the HR Case and Knowledge Management program. While improving HR services and efficiency, the app helps organizations control documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee queries and requests. Employees can use email, chat, or phone to inquire about or request HR services such as payroll, benefits, employee relations, or general information.

The health of HR case management depends on the development of a robust knowledge base. When employees call HR with a question, they are frequently passed around until the correct agent responds. Case management will be more efficient if a knowledge base with standard processes for all types of requests is built over time. Employees do not need to seek out the HR person who has unique expertise; instead, the information is available to anybody.

  • Employee Center: 

Create a multi-departmental employee portal where they can stay involved, productive, and informed while also requesting services. Employees may acquire information and services, see requests, and communicate with live HR agents using ServiceNow’s HR self-service site.

ServiceNow allows employees to browse for common information on HR benefits, company policies, and various other topics in the form of knowledge articles. Employees can get their questions answered without the need for human intervention with the Virtual Agent chatbot.

Employees are encouraged to complete simple tasks on their own using knowledgeable articles, freeing up HR agents to handle more complex problems. Employees can use the portal to obtain HR assistance if they still require assistance. Employees can also use the site to access HR cases, requests, teams, organizational charts, assigned duties, interact with HR specialists, and request a variety of services.

Employee Service Center dramatically lowers the cost of HR support and increases employee productivity.HR activities can be delegated to various departments such as IT, Finance, Security, and others. The tool can also be used to keep track of overall progress in order to make HR strategic decisions.

  • Enterprise Transitions and Onboarding: 

Deliver positive experiences across the employee journey to boost productivity. Consolidate and streamline an employee’s complete onboarding process with a single request. Whenever an employee needs to be inducted, the HR department can enter the employee’s details before they start training, and ServiceNow HRSD handles the rest.

It generates a user profile and enables processes to automate the onboarding process across the enterprise. It automatically allocates tasks to the various departments involved and ensures that they are accomplished, such as obtaining security badges from facilities, obtaining a laptop from the IT team, requesting payroll enrolment from finance, and so on. This delivers a seamless onboarding experience for new employees, eliminates the manual HR process, and boosts departmental efficiency.

ServiceNow Mobile HR Onboarding app enables employees to be inducted quickly from any location. This has proven to be extremely useful for businesses in terms of onboarding employees and getting them up and running right away during the pandemic. Similarly, when offboarding an employee, ServiceNow deletes the employee profile and all associated records after the termination date.

  • Employee Document Management:

ServiceNow automates and manages large volumes of employee documents such as payroll, internal system access, and employee benefits, among other things. Enterprises can leverage this tool to maintain the documents without the assistance of HR representatives.


ServiceNow HRSD is built for the modern workplace. Every company needs a reliable system to support its workforce. Even as we transition to a hybrid model in the aftermath of the pandemic, HR faces significant challenges in terms of constant hiring, offboarding, and managing employee queries and requests. HR Service Delivery enables organizations to provide employees with engaging, holistic HR services.

Today organizations are embracing mobility, integrating with IT and facilities, integrating services across the platform, and engaging with employees. Enterprises can use ServiceNow to break down organizational silos and create a unified environment in order to unlock employee value, achieve business goals, boost productivity, and adapt to changing industry needs.

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