ServiceNow CSM helps organizations serve their customers with an efficient, seamless service across a wide range of channels.

Customer Service Management is a module that caters to CSM processes as per the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards for integrating and tracking customer interactions. ServiceNow Customer Service Management’s purpose is to manage the customer experience associated with the engagement channel or type of interaction. The application allows you to deliver service and support for your external customers through communication channels such as web, email, chat, telephone, and social media. It lets you create cases as needed and assign them to available customer service agents with the necessary skill sets and improves productivity by:

  • Increasing customer retention:

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) goes beyond traditional solutions to assist you in improving your customer services from issue to resolution. By bringing front, middle, and back offices together, proactively resolving customer concerns, and promptly processing typical customer requests, you can solve customer problems with CSM. As a result, client satisfaction has grown while case volume and costs have decreased.

  • Combining the front, middle, and back offices:

CSM makes it possible to consistently resolve, and even eliminate, issues by integrating customer service to other departments and automating operations across teams for streamlined resolution. Customer service can diagnose and allocate issues directly to field service, engineering, operations, finance, legal, and other departments and monitor those issues to resolution. Furthermore, once the problem has been rectified for one group of customers, it will not affect subsequent customers.

  • Addressing customer issues proactively:

Gain real-time visibility into the health of customers’ products and services to proactively identify problems or even prevent the issues before they happen.

Customers who are affected can receive preemptive alerts, eliminating the need for them to contact customer support. CSM aids in the identification and prediction of trends, resulting in actionable changes and automated responses for the most common recurrent issues.

  • Instantly responding to frequent customer requests

CSM provides two self-service alternatives. To begin, a ready-to-use customer service portal provides a fully customizable online service experience. The same self-service may then be easily embedded in third-party online and mobile websites utilizing Engagement Messenger. With the service catalog, empower your customers to:

  • Implement automatic responses to common requests like address updates, warranty registrations, and password resets.
  • Interact with a chatbot to complete requests and receive responses in a conversational fashion 
  • Engage with peers and experts to discover solutions.
  • View the real-time health of purchased items and services 

Key Features of ServiceNow Customer Service Management:

  • Workspace for Agents – It provides agents with an intuitive work console to help them manage cases more quickly and efficiently.
  • Case Management – The platform integrates issue resolution processes and provides response templates along with knowledge base articles to help support agents solve cases faster.
  • Omni-Channel – It enables automated product/service monitoring and supports customers across many points of contact like email, web, phone, live chat, chatbot, & social media.
  • Visual Workflow and Automation – With no-code rule-based workflows, Visual Workflow automates processes within ServiceNow CSM.
  • Self-Service – It lets you create and support a self-service portal allowing customers to find answers and solutions on their own.
  • Knowledge Management – It enables obtaining customer support knowledge and sharing it among support agents and customers.
  • Communities – It lets you create and support a peer-to-peer customer cooperation space; that can be enhanced with gamification elements.
  • Major Issue Management – It involves proactively detecting flaws in your products or services, identifying consumers who are affected, and aiding them in remediating the resulting consequences.
  • Advanced Work Assignment – It automatically assigns cases and work orders to agents or workers depending on the chosen criteria.
  • Customer Data Management – Agents are provided with all pertinent information on the customers engaged in each case, including their contact information, entitlements, products purchased, assets used, and so on.
  • Surveys – It can be used for analyzing customers’ feedback utilizing tunable customer service questionnaires.


Modern businesses realize that investing in a cloud-based CSM platform is one of the most essential, strategic methods to distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. ServiceNow’s CSM uses automation to make regular processes feel smooth and seamless for customers. It connects departments, procedures, and systems to fix client concerns before consumers contact you. Thus reducing your costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing highly scalable solutions. 

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